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Snow Flower

ABV 6.3
Style Flanders-style Red Ale
Year 2020
Source Reno, NV
Delivered from IMBĪB Custom Brews
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Product Description

A malty red ale aged for 2 years in various barrels, puncheons, and foeders. Malty sweet notes balanced with sour complimented by red wine like characteristics. This is the 2020 Vintage of Snow Flower. 

From the Bottle: Each spring in the forests of western Nevada the Snow Flower emerges and it is truly one of the most unique and identifiable of any plant in the world. This beer is much the same...rare, unique, and identifiable. It is a tribute to the red ales of the Flanders region in Belguim, offering complex flavors with red wine-like characteristics including acid, fruit, malt, and tannin.